Welcome to PO-Projects’s documentation!

PO Projects is a PO file management factory.


Have a clean and ergonomic frontend to manage PO files for webapp projects and enable a REST API to deploy PO files into webapp projects.


  • View to create new project from a PO/POT file;
  • View to create new project translation and edit them;
  • View to export project translations as PO files;
  • View to export an archive (zip/tarball) of all translations as PO files (and their compiled MO files) from a project;
  • Manage fuzzy mode, python formatting and plurals for translations;
  • Form to import a catalog file (PO) to update a project’s catalog;
  • Nice frontend with Foundation;
  • Permission restriction;
  • Restricted API access with djangorestframework to get PO files or global project archive from external tools (like PO-Projects-client) ?

Actually there is only support for translation catalogs made for Python apps, with gettext module, Babel or Django.